Company Overview

Company nameAlliance Seafoods Inc.

Head OfficeYokorei Shintomi Bldg., 3F, 13-19 Shintomi, 1-Chome, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 104-0041, Japan

EstablishmentJune 25, 2009

Registered CapitalPJY475,000,000

Board of DirectorsExecutive President : F.Iwabuchi
Executive Vice President : K.Okubo
Executive managing director : M.Iwakura
Executive managing director : K.Kajikawa
Director(Part-time) : K.Ochi
Corporate Auditor(Part-time) : Y.Yoshida

Business OutlineProcessing ,Sales, Import and Export of Seafood and Agricultural product

Shareholders-Yokohama Reito Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange first section: 2874)