Personal Information protection policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

The company hereby declare that we will set, implement and maintain our own rule and system as follows relating to the personal information of our shareholders, customers, business partners, employees and other related people which we use for our business operation in compliance with laws and regulations with consideration of general requirement from the international society.

  1. We will set our internal regulation about personal information protection and make it known to our employee (including directors, employees, part-timers, temporary staffs) and other related people.
    We implement, improve and maintain this regulation.
  2. We will set our management plan to prevent from loss, destruction, manipulation and leak of any personal information. And we will take measures against illegal access, computer virus, and other necessary measures appropriately to protect personal information.
  3. We will collect personal information only in legal and fair way and inform the usage purpose of personal information to individuals or notify in our Website.
  4. In case if we collect personal information indirectly, we will check and confirm if the information providers obtain the information properly and contract with them if necessary, and notify the usage purpose of personal information in our Website.
  5. We will appropriately release, correct, stop or erase the personal information against the request from the said person in compliance with laws.
  6. We will investigate the concerned third party and conclude a necessary contract and take necessary measures in compliance with laws in case if we share the personal information with others or subcontract a part of our business to others.
  7. For specific personal information collecting and handling, we establish following principle.

Principle of using personal information

The company will use personal information only in the range of intended purpose and by designated responsible person, only when it is necessary to execute business operation.


Prohibited in principle to provide personal information to third parties.
We do not take out the personal information from the designated place. And we do not use such information out of the range of intended purpose.
Our employee are prohibited to inform the collected personal information to others for no reason or use such information for unjust purpose. This obligation will remain after resignation or transfer for employee and we will take necessary measure for it.
We do not collect, use nor provide personal information including following contents.

  1. Information relating to thought, belief, and religion
  2. Information relating to race, ethnics, family origin, legal domicile (excluding information about prefectures), disability, mental disorder, criminal record and any other information causing social discrimination.
  3. Information about the use of right of workers to organize, collective bargaining, or any other collective actions.
  4. Information about the participation in group demonstration act, the use of the right of petition or other political rights.
  5. Information about healthcare, medical record or sex life.

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